Think Outside the Box




Grab triggered a wealthy Malaysian man named Anthony Tan. Just like Nadiem Makarim, founder of Go-Jek, Anthony Tan who was born in this family is a graduate of Harvard Business School United States. The Grab idea, formerly GrabTaxi, appears in Tan’s head when he goes to college.
“Your great-grandfather’s a taxi driver and your grandfather started the Japanese car industry in Malaysia, so you should do something about it,” his friend said.
Thus, the idea arose in Tan’s head to make an application-based taxi reservation service called GrabTaxi. Initially, the name is MyTeksi, then changed its name to GrabTaxi in 2012. Then changed again recently just to Grab.

Feeling confident with the application, Tan chose to leave the family business. Though the position is good, which is appointed head of marketing Tan Chong Motor Holdings, a distributor of Nissan cars in Malaysia run by his father, Tan Heng Chew.

“Building something from the bottom with only the PowerPoint capital and seeing how people’s lives are affected is far more satisfying,” he reasoned.


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